UNO Student Government  

About the 2017-18 Student Senate Elections!


Student Senate is made up of 28 elected Student Senators. 24 of the Senators represent the colleges of UNO and 4 represent UNO housing.

The number of student representatives per college is based on the number of students in each college. **subject to change.

College of Arts & Sciences – 6 student representatives

College of Business Administration – 3 student representatives

College of Public Affairs & Community Service – 4 student representative

College of Education – 2 student representatives

College of Engineering – 1 student representative

College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media – 2 student representatives

College of Information Science & Technology – 1 student representative

Graduate School – 5 student representatives


Dodge Campus – 2 student representatives

Scott Campus – 2 student representatives



Student Senators work together as a team to discuss & pass pieces of legislation that are worked on in committees.

The 4 committees of Student Senate are:

Student Services Committee 

Sustainability Committee 

Academic Excellence Committee 

Campus Improvement Committee 



Student Government meets every Thursday night at 7 pm for a couple of hours.

Each week alternates in committee/senate meetings.

Committee meetings are casual and mainly entail small group discussions about the progress of projects.

Senate meetings are formal and are for passing resolutions (approving/allocating $ for completed projects) & appointing students to other SG-UNO positions.